Officers of Bridgend Writers’ Circle

The Officers were elected at the Annual General Meeting on the 1st of September, 2016, for the term of one year:

Chairman:             Alex Marshall

Vice Chairman:      Janine Enos

Secretary:             Sarah Bowdidge

Treasurer:             Alex Marshall

Committee Members

                         Wendy Nottingham

                          Kay Boswell


                          Pat Forster

                           Liz Mahoney

Almoner:              Jan Davies

Publicity Officer:    Janine Enos

Saviker Organiser:  Dominique Spearey

Welcomer:            Jan Davies

Internet:               Alex Marshall

All members of the Writers' Circle are encouraged to attend and take part in meetings of the Committee, but if it comes to a vote (A rare occurrence) only the four officers named above, the Life Vice-presidents and three committee members elected on 14 September 2013 are entitled to a vote.

See the Constitution for more details.

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The President of Bridgend Writers' Circle is JOHN WOOD, now retired from County Borough Librarian for Bridgend County Borough Council.